4 Ways to Expedite Your Content Creation

4 Ways to Expedite Your Content Creation

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You know that providing your clients and prospective customers with engaging, valuable content can help boost sales and establish your brand’s authority, but content marketing is a long game and doesn’t happen overnight. It can take several months to build up a surplus of useful, search-friendly content. The good news is that after the content is written, it will continue working for you by generating leads and amassing traffic.

In the interim, however, it can be discouraging to labor over creating great content while it works its way through your target market and few things are as intimidating as facing the blank page. You might be tempted to give up, but don’t! Here are four tips to help speed up your content creation process.

  • Create tasks lists. Start by writing down every activity related to content, from brainstorming ideas to writing and promotion. Here are some others to get you started:
    • Generate new ideas
    • Outlining
    • Keyword research
    • Writing
    • Editing
    • Posting
    • Promoting

Use this list to develop checklists for each part of the process. You may want to check out Process Street, a free program that allows you to manage your team’s recurring checklists and procedures. Having a checklist to refer to saves you mental energy and makes it easier to delegate when necessary.

  • Embrace the power of templates. Using your checklists to guide you, create templates for different parts of the content creation process. Do you send out a monthly e-newsletter? Study past editions to identify main components like a “letter from the CEO” introduction or current promotions. Create a template with these sections and you won’t feel so overwhelmed next time you sit down to write your newsletter.
  • Devise a system to capture/store your research and ideas. When it comes to capturing your ideas and research, convenience is key. It can be as low tech as a notebook or stack of index cards, but it must be something you will use. Many programs like Evernote sync between devices, making it easy for you to “clip” interesting articles you come across and access them wherever you go.
  • Don’t edit while you write. Google “tips for writing faster” and nearly every article will mention something about not allowing yourself to edit while you write – and with good reason! Editing while you write can be crippling when it comes to creating new content. Whether you turn off the editing functions on your word processor or try a distraction free writing tool like Ommwriter, you content (and brain) will thank you for it.