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Ideal Client Profile/Buyer Persona

You’ve done your market research homework, created a fabulous product, and can’t remember the last time you saw the sun because your every waking moment is consumed with campaign promotion. Your phone should be ringing off the hook, yet …. crickets. What gives?

If you’ve determined that a market exists for your product or service, but the ideal clients in your target market remain elusive, it’s time to dig deeper. An ideal client profile, also known as a buyer persona, is a composite sketch or representative of your target market. An ideal client profile helps you zero in on the needs of prospective customers in order to design appropriate products and services, create more compelling marketing copy, and connect with those who not only need your product, but are ready to buy it.

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Increasing Brand Visibility

Speaking your ideal customer’s language is a critical component to finding and connecting with them. Once you’ve created an ideal client profile or buyer persona, it’s time to take your research one step further and observe the conversations taking place where they spend time online. Prior to social media, collecting this type of data required business owners to invest big bucks on research. Fortunately, you can now obtain a great deal of useful information about your ideal clients simply by observing the conversations taking place in their preferred social media forums.

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Content Strategy

Content that provides value to your target audience can help you engage prospects, establish authority, and boost your bottom line. Before you begin developing content, however, you need to build your content strategy. Why? Businesses that create clear, cohesive content strategies find their marketing to be more effective, so you’re more likely to achieve your desired results by taking a purposeful approach.

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Content Promotion

You’ve labored to fantastic content that provides value to your target market – now what? Developing great material is an instrumental part of any successful marketing campaign, but effective promotion plays an equally important role in maximizing your ROI and reaching your ideal customers. There are a myriad of ways to promote your content; here are a few to help jumpstart the process!

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Content Promotion – Social Media

In our previous post, we discussed ways to maximize the impact of your marketing campaign with effective content promotion. In this article, we’d like to share some additional recommendations for promoting your content on social media.

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