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Our Story
In the Beginning...

Once upon a time in a land far far away lived a young designer striving to create something unique. He had a dream of one day creating an agency that was totally different from the ones he had worked in.

His vision was to launch an agency that not only delivered exceptional creative but could also justify the delivery through analytics, strategy and data – but the foremost important ingredient would be to maximize ROI for all of its clients.

Fast forward 20 years – armed with awards, success, a mass of experience (and a quick hop over the pond), he set out to find the missing piece to his master plan: a ‘left brain’. Then and only then could he bring his vision ‘Wonderment’- to life.

Whilst working as the creative director for a fortune 100 company in Florida he stumbles upon a left brain like no other. A highly motivated, articulate, and intelligent marketing director.

Fast forward another three years – Wonderment has a list of global and local clients that any of his previous agencies would be proud of. And so the story continues…

This is Wonderment.
Our Portfolio
Carolyn Ruby
Chief Marketing Officer

Carolyn Ruby is a highly intuitive, marketing analyst with a passion for forecasting and consumer traffic data. As a business development manager for Tech Data, she developed extensive hands-on proficiency in overseeing marketing initiatives across all platforms and layers of business. In addition to corporate channel experience, she’s successfully practiced service marketing through up and down markets as a licensed Florida Real Estate Broker for 10 years.

Jason Liggitt
Chief Creative Officer

Jason Liggitt is an old school true creative talent. Originating from England his creative rationale and solutions-focused mindset is a reflection of his schooling and experience as a graphic designer in England and central Europe. After 15+ years of leading traditional creative teams in Europe, Jason was headhunted by Tech Data to lead the $26B company's creative department. His experience in agencies and the corporate environment supports an expansive range of clients and deliverables.