11 Ideas for Your Next Business Press Release

11 Ideas for Your Next Business Press Release

Press releases are purposefully designed to reach a wide audience and many companies successfully incorporate PR into their marketing strategy. While there are no guarantees and your your press release won’t automatically spread like wildfire, you can increase the chances of it being picked up by other (and hopefully multiple) publications if you submit newsworthy content about your business.

What kind of topics are considered newsworthy for a press release? Here are 11 business-related events worthy of PR:

  1. Relocation or expansion. Moving to a new location or expanding your business into a new state (or overseas) is a newsworthy announcement. You want your customers (and potential customers) to know where to find you.
  2. New product or service launch. Press releases are a great way to reach a wider audience when you add a new product or service to your repertoire.
  3. Inventions or patents. If your patent was finally approved or your company invented a new product, that’s an innovation worthy of sharing in a public forum.
  4. Company name change. Are you rebranding? Let the world know your new name.
  5. Events. Hosting an event? Consider adding a press release to promotional launch strategy.
  6. Acquisitions. Did you recently acquire another company, product, or service (or vice versa)?
  7. Strategic partnerships. Some small businesses issue a press release every time they hire a new employee, but we don’t recommend it. While most distributors will publish this type of story (and take your money) because it technically qualifies as “newsworthy,” you’re unlikely to gain much mileage out of it. However, an announcement about a strategic partnership or association that benefits your customers offers wider appeal, making it more likely to be picked up other news outlets.
  8. Speaking engagements and presentations. Public speaking can distinguish you as an authority in your field and help build your credibility with prospects. Let them know when you hit the circuit!
  9. Book releases and scholarly publications. Use PR to promote the publication of your book or your research study (providing that the information will interest your target demographic).
  10. Nonprofit contributions or charity work. Do you love to give back? If your company raised money for a nonprofit or your team is contributing to a great cause in  the community, don’t be afraid to let people know. Yes, you’re promoting your business, but publishing a press release will also help raise awareness about the organization you care about.
  11. Awards. Maybe you didn’t go into your career for the fame and glory, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reap the rewards of professional recognition. Remember that building trust is a key component of conversion and awards that reinforce your skills help instill that confidence.

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